About Riki Inzano

About Me/ In a Nutshell

Aloha! My name is Riki Inzano. I am a wife, a proud mom of one, and professional artist with a background in multiple media. I’m blessed with a limitless imagination, a wacky sense of humor, and extreme versatility in many art forms, both 2-d & 3-d.

I spent many years freelancing on the Mainland collecting clients for paintings, murals, sculpture, illustration, & design. I also started several companies.

Creating permanent art is extremely time consuming and can be a lonely business.
Focusing on the performance arts of Sand sculpting and “Balloonology” not only lets me meet all sorts of people but also gives me time to spend with my family.

Whatever I do I give it my all, whether performing or creating tangible art. My artistic talents plus my ability to connect with my audiences makes me an exceptional entertainer and an asset to any business or client that I work with.

A big part of my dream is to encourage others to embrace & pursue theirs.

Mahalo Nui Loa, –Riki


Working with latex lets me create fast, fun art on demand- Plus I get to work with the best clients on the planet-kids! ( of ALL ages, that is..)

Long ago (in a galaxy far away) I was taught some ballooning basics & took to “Twisting” like a duck takes to water! Soon I had a complete line of original “Gourmet” critter designs & a whole new skill to add to my professional repertoire! There is no limit to what can be created with this whimsical art form!

I provide live, interactive entertainment for private parties, restaurants, & resorts.
I can also create custom/ theme characters, centerpieces & displays in all sizes.


I fell in love with sand sculpting working briefly with a troupe of traveling sculptors that created giant shopping mall sand displays on the mainland.

It was thrilling to have a live audience ooh-ing & ahh-ing while I worked. I also relished achieving the big, fast results that happen when you carve a good block of
well-packed wet sand.

There is a reason that there are not a great number of professionals in this industry. Logistically, Sand sculpting is a beast.
I could not realistically offer our sand sculpture options without my husband & partner, Tom.
A talented sculptor himself, it is his engineering, ingenuity, creativity, and literal blood, sweat, and tears that has enabled us to build this side of Art by Riki.

We create awesome custom displays. We teach sand sculpting workshops as well as our very special & unique “ Sand Critters” sand sculpting classes. We also coordinate contests and team building events of any size.

It’s a dirty job, but someone has got to do it!
Thank goodness, it’s us!